Instructions for Delivery and Shipping


Currently in the United States during the STO commissioning, delivery of any goods and the value of goods the United States to China's need to declare truthfully, commodity detailed and specific articles varieties of private goods, the number of personal use range, a single parcel goods worth no more than 1000 yuan. Upload recipient ID required.

Specific products are as follows: baseball products, basketball, storage bags, wrapping paper, Bimao, pet supplies, kitchen supplies, spices, edible oil, ship models, mattresses, climbing gear, tents, carpets, electric toys (ordinary, low cargo value), children's toys (non-electric), headphones ($ 100 or less), clothing, shoes, game disc calculators, household items, net kettle /, filter, common household tools, travel bags, suitcases, baby products, belts / accessories, leather goods, food, stationery, tattoo tools, cleaning products, baby care products, fishing accessories, tableware, barware, wash, a hair clipper, razors, electric breast pump, electric face brush , electronic dictionary, voice recorder, electric toys, electronic games, ear thermometer, a microphone, with electronic games, and so on .....

The following items are temporarily acceptance (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries do not have these limitations): milk powder, ginseng, bird's nest high-value supplements, seafood, skincare, handbags, mobile phones, computers, tablet computers, cameras, camcorders , home appliances, watches, glasses, jewelry, electrical accessories, water purifiers, air purifiers, lighters, cell phone shell discs, car accessories, all books, sphygmomanometer, antique, artificial limbs, all lamps, electric tools, high-value items, there are more items customers can contact American express: http: //